Homebrew Rules & RAW Clarifications

  • Instead of rolling twice on your Background table, you may simply choose what two benefits you get.
  • You gain Hit Points and Mana Points retroactively when you increase your Constitution and Magic attributes respectively.
    (Also, you may choose to either roll HP and MP or take the d6 average of 4 for both.)
  • The minor action “Move” is now a free action. You cannot “break up” your movement.
    (Standing up from a prone position still requires a minor action and consumes half your movement.)
  • Mages will get three spells at first level as per usual, but learn one additional spell at each level above first instead of the normal level progression.
    (Talents no longer give spells, but Specializations still do.)
  • The spell Mind Blast is removed from the game and is not required as a prerequisite for any spells.
    (Yep, this spell is just a lot. Not worth reworking.)
  • The spell Spellbloom is removed from the game and is not required as a prerequisite for the spell Stinging Swarm.
    (The prerequisite spell for learning Stinging Swarm is now the Grease spell.)
  • The spell Blood Wound deals 1d6+Magic penetrating damage to enemies within 12 yard of the caster and must make a Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower.
    (Those that fail lose their Minor Action and their Movement. Those that succeed only lose their Movement.)
  • The spells Heal, Rejuvenate, and Mass Rejuvenate, as well as the Spirit Healer Specialization, will be unavailable to the PCs.
    (Healing magic is rare in Thedas. It is well known amongst mages that Creation is a particularly difficult school to master, especially in regards to healing.)
  • Backstab can be preformed with melee, ranged, and thrown weapons. You can still Backstab an enemy with a melee weapon if you begin your turn adjacent to them.
    (Its a juking free for all!)

The Exalted Age

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